Interaction Program with Political Party and CA members on Ensuring Right to Food and Food Sovereignty in the upcoming Constitution held on 26 August 2014, Kathmandu.

The issues of right to food, food sovereignty were one of the most contested issues in the first constitution making process. In the year 2014, RtFN played an effective role in creating an environment to bring 104 CA members/ influential political leaders in a common platform and forging consensus to ensure Right to Food as a fundamental right in the upcoming constitution.


Hence with an objective to discuss about the importance and necessity of ensuring right to food and food sovereignty as a fundamental right in the upcoming constitution and to influence as many CA members as possible, an interaction program was held on 26 August 2014 in Kathmandu with the mass participation of 65 participants representing different stakeholders such as, agro-experts, government officials, civil societies, students and farmers. The major achievement of the programme was the presence of 13 honorable CA members coming together and discussing with the people directly about the ongoing development of constitution making process and how these rights are being discussed to include in it. And, their commitment in ensuring the right to food and food sovereignty along with the reformed agricultural policy in the upcoming constitution.  They have made public commitment during RtFN interaction program to enshrine RtF as a fundamental right in the upcoming constitution.  Furthermore, the number of interaction programs with CA members provided direct communication and engagement link between the public and decision-makers to interact on the issue. The chief guest was the chairperson of the Committee to Study and Determine and constitutional record