Who We Are ?

The National Network on Right to Food Nepal (RtFN) is a national level loose network for undertaking collective efforts and coordinating individuals and organization who are engaged in promoting the human Right to Food in Nepal. It was formed in July 2007. The RtFN is to serve as a watchdog in the cases of human right to food violations and advocate for inclusion of human right to food as a fundamental right in the new Constitution of Nepal and thereof policies, and hold the State and other relevant parties accountable for realization of the obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the human Right to Food as stated in Article 11 of the General Comment 12 on the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) of 1966.

Priority Themes
Its thematic areas of intervention are: raising awareness on the issues and concerns of human Right to Food and the cases of its violations; facilitate capacity building of CSO’s on the issues of food sovereignty and mainstreaming of the human Right to Food in government policies; facilitate implementation of campaigns, seminars, workshops and roundtables; and share relevant information and learning among different stakeholders.