Brief Report on World Food Day 2014

Brief Report on World Food Day 2014

With the global theme –Family Farming: “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”- to recognize the significant role of family farming and small scale farmers in eradicating hunger and poverty, providing food security, the 34th World Food Day is celebrated in many countries across the world on 16 October, 2014. Similarly in Nepal, like in every year, National Network on Right to Food, Nepal (RtFN) and its district networks in collaboration with its member organizations celebrated the same by organizing various events to mark the day.

In Kathmandu, RtFN jointly with its member organizations organized a peaceful symbolic sit in demonstration in front of Constitutional Assembly Hall in Baneswor with mainly two objectives:

  • To be part of the global campaign.
  • To aware people and pressurize Constitutional Assembly members to ensure Right to Food / Food Sovereignty as fundamental rights in the upcoming constitution.

Along with the global theme, keeping the current political context of Nepal that is constitution writing phase,  almost 200 mass representing various  Civil Society Organizations working in the field of Human Rights, Peasants Association, Federation of community Forestry users Nepal, students journalists, Constitutional Assembly Members as well as Human Right activists did sit in demonstration,  holding  placards with different messages and slogans demanding to  ensure farmers rights, land rights  and over all the fundamental rights i.e. right to food and food sovereignty in the upcoming constitution followed by speeches from key speakers.

The key speakers were social activists, leaders of farmer’s wings of political parties such as Nepali Congress (NC), UML, UCPN and NCP (United) etc.

Addressing the program, Som Prasad Bhandari, Chairperson of National Land Reform Forum (NLRF) stressed the need and importance of land reform to ensure right to food/food sovereignty whereas Mr.Uddav Adhikari- Chairperson of National Farmers Group Federation (NFGF) talked about farmers need and rights being ignored by the government and stressed farmers rights, right to food to be ensured in the upcoming constitution.

Likewise, Mr. Balram Baskota Vice Chairperson of National Farmers Coalition and Deputy General Secretary of All Nepal peasant’s federation (ANFPA),  Mr. Ram Adhar Prasad Yadav from  Nepal farmer’s association, Mr. Nahendra Khadka from All Nepal Farmer's Organization (Revolutionary)  and Mr. Thakur Sharma from Nepal farmer’s federation-NCP(united) as well as other peasant’s leaders from National Farmers Collation expressed the similar views that the government should come up with the specific and concrete people centric programs targeting  small holders farmers and  work for its proper implementation. However, Mr. Yadav showed his disappointment at the government and said his party is in the government but is giving deaf ears to their demands.

 Likewise, Mr. Thakur Bhandari representing Federation of community Forestry users Nepal (FECOFUN) expressed his solidarity.

The closing speech was delivered by Ms Sharmila Karki- a member of National Coordination Committee of RtFN and chairperson of NGO Federation and Jagaran Nepal. In her closing speech, she put forward a strong view that it is high time the government take a strong step to respect, protect and fulfill human right to food and food sovereignty of people as well as to ensure it in the upcoming constitution. The fact  that more than 60,00,000 people deprived of meals twice a day of which women are the most affected ones and the prevalence of food insecurity in more than 40 districts in Nepal justified the people’s demand to ensure right to food/ food sovereignty  as a fundamental right in the constitution she said.

At the end, she said each one should thank oneself for being part of the campaign as these issues being issues of each one of us and further stressed the need of continuous support of everyone and collective advocacy until we achieve what we dream.


Some glimpses of the program


Women Farmers, representatives from various CSO’s expressing their solidarity , holding placards with various slogans to ensure famers right, right to food in the upcoming constituion during a peaceful demonstration near Constituent Assembly House,Baneswor on 16 October, 2014.

Farmers from districts and Mr. Ram Adhar Prasad Yadav representing Nepal farmer’s association- a farmer wing of Nepali congress holding pla cards with slogans demanding farmer’s rights.


Mr. Balram Baskota- Vice Chairperson of National Farmers Coalition and Deputy General Secretary of All Nepal peasant’s federation (ANFPA) and Mr.Shyam Kumar Basnet- Chairperson of Sampada Nepal.

Ms Sharmila Karki- a member of national coordination committee of RtFN and chairperson of NGO Federation and Jagaran Nepal delivering her closing speech.

Representatives from various civil society organizations expressing their solidarity to mark the 34th World Food Day 2014 


Some glimpses of the celebrations in districts:


Celebrating in Kailali district.


Celebrating in Banke district.