Welcome to RtFN

The National Network on Right to Food Nepal (RtFN) is a national level loose network for undertaking collective efforts and coordinating individuals and organization who are engaged in promoting the human Right to Food in Nepal. The RtFN is to serve as a watchdog in the cases of human right to food violations and advocate for inclusion of human right to food as a fundamental right in the upcoming constitution and thereof policies, and hold the State and other relevant parties accountable for realization of the obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the human Right to Food.

Its thematic areas of intervention are: raising awareness on the issues and concerns of human Right to Food and the cases of its violations; facilitate capacity building of CSO’s on the issues of food sovereignty and mainstreaming of the human Right to Food in government policies; facilitate implementation of campaigns, seminars, workshops and roundtables; and share relevant information and learning among different stakeholders.

RtFN addresses the root causes of poverty through the empowerment of poor people’s movements and through strong policy and advocacy work based in strong policy research and capacity building programs. It also develops campaigns to mobilize poor people and civil society to challenge the dominant trends that maintain and reproduce hunger.